SSC Addresses Backlash, Will Retry Tuatara Top Speed Run

Jerod Shelby, the founder and head of SSC North America, has come out with an official statement addressing the firestorm surrounding the Tuatara’s top speed record. In a video uploaded to SSC North America’s official YouTube channel, Shelby revealed multiple details about the record attempt before ultimately stating that SSC is starting fresh and will run the Tuatara again to prove its capabilities once and for all.

In his video, Shelby asserts that SSC had not seen the official tapes before they were released. Upon the initial whistleblowing by Shmee150, SSC reached out and obtained raw video from the recording company contracted for the top speed run. Shelby claims that they immediately came to the same conclusions as the skeptics, and that the video used in the official record video did not match up to the speeds they had measured on site.

It’s clear that everyone at SSC North America are not satisfied with the 316mph run. Shelby admits the fierce criticisms against the Tuatara and SSC’s credibility have “stained” the record. As such, Shelby stated that SSC plans on repeating its record attempt, this time utilizing multiple failsafes and measuring tools so as to ensure the Tuatara can reliably be proven.

The cherry on top? Shelby personally invited Tim Burton (Shmee150), Robert Mitchell, and Misha Charoudin (all of whom recorded a thirty minute discussion revolving around the Tuatara controversy).

We look forward to hearing more about SSC’s second world record attempt.

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