Have You Ever Seen Such a Thing?

Auctions are some of the best places to catch some unique and exquisite rides for sale. Mecum is always riddled with famous classics like the Shelby’s and Packard’s, as well as modern monsters like the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT. However, occasionally auctions get some… interesting things. Today I have found something so out of the ordinary, so incredibly odd, I just had to make an article about it. Here is the 2019 custom Learmousine, coming to Mecum Indy 2021, Lot No. S109.

Learmousine Concept

The Learmousine is probably the coolest yet weirdest thing I have ever come across. It’s a coach built 42 foot long, 8 foot wide, street legal Jet bodied truck. It’s got 400 horsepower coming from the truck engine, sits on 28-inch custom rims, has room for 18, and has custom lighting and audio powered by Race Sport Inc. and Atrend respectively. The driver’s cockpit is probably my favorite part of this thing. The steering wheel is made of red carbon fiber (real or not I don’t care, nor do I want to know), there’s four monitors to manage blind spots, plane-style toggle controls mounted on the roof, and best of all: a bucket seat. To say this cockpit is awesome would be the understatement of the year. It is so whacky, yet driver focused, it just kind of… makes sense. The best part is, we’re just getting started.

Learmousine Concept

If you thought your Rolls Royce Phantom was opulent, wait till you see the passenger compartment on this beauty. Between the 42-inch flat screen TV, the diamond stitch leather seats, mini bar, infinity floor, and enough RGB lights to make a PC Gamer jealous, this Learmousine is absolutely insane. The passenger compartment is certainly insane. But you know what’s arguably cooler? The exterior.

Learmousine Concept

The plane is finished in a glossy candy apple red paint job that is sure to turn more heads than any color McLaren MSO could ever create (joking… maybe). Although the plane sheds its wings, it does have exterior speakers that can play airplane noises. Honestly though, does this thing even need the wings? I mean it literally looks like a world record land cruiser was dumbed down, given a sweet Pimp-My-Ride paint job and makeover, and then sold off to a Tik Tok celebrity as a Prom ride. Hell, if I had enough commas in my bank account, I’d probably scoop this thing up without even thinking.

Learmousine Concept

Although the plane is street legal, it’s probably not the most maneuverable thing. I mean, I’d argue it probably makes a GMC Yukon look like a Ferrari in terms of handling and precision. Luckily for the mad lad that decides to purchase this thing, the team is including a 44-foot trailer as well as a Chevy 2500 HD pickup to tow it. But are you really a man if you don’t drive the Learmousine on its own?

Learmousine Concept

All in all, the Learmousine is simply hilarious and absolutely outrageous. I’m going to be very jealous of the lucky person that takes this bad boy home. Indy 2021 is slated to happen from May 14-22 after being postponed from last year due to the beer bug. Keep an eye out on the television screen and maybe we’ll be graced to see this outrageous Frankenstein cross the block.

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