There’s Super, There’s Hyper, and now There’s Mega

When we hear the word “hypercar”, a few icons  come to mind:  the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, or the Bugatti Chiron for example. These cars are some of the most exclusive and powerful cars on the market with hefty price tags to match, ranging from just over a million dollars to well into the multi-millions However, there’s one car out there that puts even the cars I just mentioned to shame. Some may disagree and state it’s just a flamboyant rip off of its predecessor, but it is so  much more than that. It’s something of a folk-tale, an urban legend. It’s rare, it’s fast, it’s incredibly light, but most importantly, it’s balanced. Coolest thing about it is that it is the world’s first ever “megacar”, which I will get into in just a bit. If you couldn’t guess by now, we’re talking about the Koenigsegg One:1. What’s even crazier is that one of these 6 bad boys is up for sale  right here.

The Koenigsegg One:1 is easily one of the best cars ever built. Only 7 of these lean, mean, fighting machines were built and of that, only  6 were ever sold to customers. One was a prototype, making it one of the rarest automobiles to grace this planet. The odds of seeing one of these in the wild are almost slim to none. It may look like one of its brothers, being the Agera XS, RS, FE, or any other iterations, but the One:1 is so much more than its brethren.

To start, as the name suggests the car features a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. Okay cool… but what does this mean? 

In simple terms, the number value of the car’s weight in kilograms is equivalent to the value of brake-horsepower in its engine.  Specifically, the One:1 weighs a measly 1,360 kg and  produces a mind numbing 1,341 bhp from a custom 5.0 Liter V8. Furthermore, the reason this car is dubbed a “megacar” rather than a “hyper” or “supercar”, is because it can produce one megawatt of power. The One:1 has a maximum torque of 1,371 Nm with a max RPM of 8250. This means the car is capable of hitting about 250MPH in approximately 20 seconds. Let me say that again: This handcrafted, carbon fiber, custom built, rocket is capable of hitting 250MPH quicker than you can sing “Happy Birthday” or  wash your hands (per CDC recommendations, of course). What’s even crazier is that it only takes this thing 10 seconds to come to a dead stop from those speeds. 

So to summarize, in 30 seconds you’re capable of smashing 99% of all production car speed records ever and you can still come to a complete stop  before the guy behind the counter at McDonalds is able to give you your Big Mac andries. 

If you couldn’t tell by now, the car also holds the record for quickest accelerating and decelerating car on the planet. And for fun, it  also holds a few track records at Suzuka and Spa. Simple flex. 

Although this thing may be fast, it certainly is not limited to straight line speed. No, no, no…. You see, Koenigsegg’s philosophy is that a car should be equally fast in the turns as it is in the straights. That’s why this car has an enormous wing amongst other aero packages. What mainly differs the One:1from a regular Agera (aside from everything I’ve just discussed) is the aero. The One:1 sports track-optimized aero winglets, extended venturi tunnels, a LeMans inspired active spoiler, larger air vents for better cooling, custom Michelin Cup tires, upgraded suspension, Koenigsegg’s custom Aircore carbon fiber wheels, and so much more. To say this car is an upgrade from an Agera would be like saying switching to Geico could save you 15% or more on your car insurance: it’s just obvious. 

The chassis for sale at Super Vettura is one of the more beautiful specs I’ve seen of the 6 produced. Dawning a blue carbon fiber body with white accents, blue painted brake calipers, and a black leather and blue alcantara interior, this car is just absolutely menacing. With enough exposed carbon fiber to make a grown man jealous, this car is, in my most humble of modest opinions, perfect. The coolest, or saddest part depending on where you’re from, about it: the car happens to be right hand drive. Unfortunate for us in the States, but cool for those across the pond I suppose. 

You’re probably wondering what type of bargain this type of machine goes for, and well, it’s quite the steal if you ask me…  if shopping for Mega Yachts, Penthouse Mansions, and century old alcohols are your weekend hobbies that is.  The One:1 started with an MSRP of $2,850,000. The asking price for this model happens to be $7,200,000, making it easily one of the most expensive machines I think I’ll ever see for a while. You can find the car for sale here, and go quick, it won’t last long!

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