Forget Blue Over Tan, Green Over Tan is the Business

Look, Rj, I’d like to say you’re wrong, but you’re not. However, you’re not correct. Blue over tan is cool and classy, but green over tan is simply a step above. It captures a range of emotions and feelings. Green over tan can look classy, childish, modern, or aged. It’s a color combo that pierces the veil of age and taste. A blue over tan car looks cool, but a green over tan car looks spectacular.

I won’t ramble on any longer as you did because I’m here to make a point. With that being said, I present my evidence. 

My first piece of evidence is going to be this Porsche 911 GT2RS, because unlike you I don’t need the beauty of an Italian masterpiece to prove my point. The GT2RS is arguably not a gorgeous car. It’s a hyper focused track car built for one purpose and one purpose only: to race. As such, most specs are usually red, yellow, black, white, or some other common flashy color. But feast your eyes on this stunning green over tan example and you’ll see what I mean. It’s so raw yet so tame. It looks like it’s ready to rip your face off but with the elegance of Jay Gatsby. Factor in the carbon fiber hood, roof, and spoiler, and this truly makes the ultimate GT2RS spec. There really is no substitute here. Oh yeah, the tan interior is pretty nifty too I may add. 

But if the GT2RS won’t convince you, I bring this absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin DBS59. Not only does this limited edition Aston ooze with details and historical cameos, but it features a gorgeous coat of Racing Green over a stunning tan interior. To say this car is pretty is an understatement. It’s like an Evergreen forest had a kid with James Bond… if that even makes sense. But I digress. This car is simply stunning. The lines and curves of this supermodel pop in the sun with this brilliant paint job. If James Bond was looking for a retirement car, this most definitely would be it. 

If you think this paint spec only works on modern cars, you are mistaken. You’re probably expecting me to show a photo of that famous Verde Abetone Ferrari F40, but that’d be too easy. Instead, I present to you a car from the total polar opposite side of the spectrum: A Land Rover Defender. Now I need to make it obvious that I already love the Defender, especially the 110. But if there’s one spec that makes this car really shine, it’s green over tan. This spec is the definition of class. Take this off road beast and throw some green paint on it and you my friend have a serious contender for best looking car ever built. The green paint captures the boxy design perfectly and really captures the essence of the car in such a way no other color can. Dressing this car in green practically screams “I am an offroad king”. Sure, one could argue that a black Defender is the best Defender, and I may agree. But green over tan defenders are just so elegant and classy, it’s hard to argue against it.

Finally, to rest my case, I present to you the holy grail of all specs ever. The Bugatti Chiron is in my opinion one of the most badass looking cars ever produced. With the right paint this car can look absolutely spectacular. From a stealthed out black on black, to a pompous purple and gold, this car is a canvas for any and all. However, there is one spec that is simply better than the rest. I have been fortunate enough to see it in person and I have to say, it wins. If you couldn’t guess by this point in the article, I’m talking about the British racing green carbon fiber over tan Chiron Sport. This thing is absolutely insane. The tinted weave paired with the silky smooth leather is undeniably epic. This spec makes this absolute monster of a machine look sophisticated. Talk about a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Somehow this color just makes this car look like the ultimate sleeper. It’s elegant, modern, and best of all risky. But man does that risk pay out. 

Look, blue over tan is cool, but green over tan is just better. I’m adding more photos down below to solidify my point because quite frankly, these 4 cars are only the tip of the iceberg. Green over tan is classy, refined, but most of all, unique. Anything can look good in blue, only the best can look great in green. 

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