About Road’s Edge

Welcome to Road’s Edge.

We are a website dedicated to the modern car enthusiast. Here’s what we do:

  • News coverage on the hottest topics in the automotive world
  • New and exclusive car reviews
  • Editorials on the state of car culture and how we feel about it (psst… #SaveTheManuals)
  • Biweekly column on forgotten vehicles from the past
  • Car culture podcast (briefly on hold)
  • Create databases on cool cars for car spotters and enthusiasts alike
  • So much more!

What’s the story behind our name?

The bottom line is that we’re on the cutting “edge” of automotive media.

Cheeky, I know. The original inspiration for our name actually came from a familiar scene in Ken Block’s GYMKHANA NINE, where Ken drifts his Focus RS RX along the edge of a pier. It’s one of our favorite moments from the entire series, so we chose to carry on the ethos of that scene in our own publication by creating a so-called “one stop shop” for the automotive addict. It seemed only fitting.

Who’s behind “Road’s Edge”?

RJ Carey is the founder and editor of Road’s Edge. Rich Segalman is the co-founder and editor.

A wannabe pilot and lifelong car enthusiast, RJ started a website called “Cavalcade” (after the annual “Ferrari Cavalcade” event) while in his first year at the University of Connecticut. After becoming fed up with the low-effort, expletive-slung automotive commentary he was seeing all over the internet, RJ aimed to create a website dedicated to car enthusiasts and whose main goal was to provide witty, enjoyable reading. He’ll be the first one to tell you he’s no Bill Shakespeare—and he’s definitely not a scholar either—but nevertheless RJ wanted to test his steel and dedicate some time to his passion for cars in a constructive manner.

Eventually, Cavalcade was rebranded to Road’s Edge Media, and shortly thereafter RJ’s hometown-friend Rich Segalman joined the force. Besides writing articles, Rich takes care of the accounting behind the scenes. He has formerly owned an automotive photography business, worked at multiple dealerships (including Volvo, Subaru, and Maserati-Alfa Romeo), and is a full-time student at Boston University. Rich is extraordinarily passionate about hypercars and unique cars from the 1990s and 2000s but he also loves WEC and WRC racing. His ideal two-car garage is a Spectre II (D110) from HIMALAYA in Matte Black and a Lamborghini Sian in purple, green, and white.

Besides writing for Road’s Edge, RJ is a recurring guest as the Automotive Editor for The RMWorldTravel Connection—the largest travel radio show in the United States. He also works part-time as a European Service Advisor for SST Auto, Inc. in Danbury, Connecticut. Although he is interested in anything and everything on wheels, his main interest is vintage exotic cars—mainly classic Ferraris, Porsches, and Lancias. He is a diehard Formula 1 fan and tifoso. RJ’s ideal two-car garage is a Nogaro Blue Audi RS2 Avant and a Ferrari Enzo in Rosso Dino.

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