THIS WEEK IN CARS: A Volkswagen Scout? And Finally the 2023 Nissan Z is Reviewed…

As is the usual for Q2—a.k.a. “auto show season”—all of the major car manufacturers have frenzied the headlines with new models, revised models, concepts, and even updates on the various shortages at hand. THE BRASS TACKS: Amid this week’s news, Volkswagen Group announced their plans to revitalize the Scout nameplate. Beyond that, Nissan’s media embargo on the all-new Z finally expired on May 16th, yielding a wave of reviews and videos to satisfy out information obsession. Let’s dive a bit deeper… Volkswagen’s New Off-Road EV Vehicles Will Be Called “Scout” Volkswagen announced… Read More

Put Your VW Opinions Aside: The New Golf R is Awesome

Boasting drift mode and several improvements from the previous R, it’s hard not to reconcile with the Mk8 Golf R.