2021 Mustang Mach-E: Marketing Genius or a Total Farce?

As the world moves towards electrification and eco-friendly alternatives, the Mustang name—which typically evokes the idea of growling V8s and smoking tires—needs to be justified, and an all-electric, sporty big brother like the Mach-E might just be the right car for the job.

A Retro Modern Masterpiece

Lamborghini has produced some absolutely wild cars over the years. Known for their aggressive styling, loud and obnoxious ear piercing V12’s, and dream filling capability, the brand has always dominated children’s walls with posters and memories. Although I was born… Read More

The Ugly Duckling of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is known for creating some of the most gorgeous cars to ever grace public roadways. However, one car—born out of a corporate struggle to attract younger buyers—doesn’t quite hold up against the marque’s historical standard of beauty.


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